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Maybe you want a customized pergola to entertain your house guests or a feature fountain to accentuate the size of your yard? But you don't know where to get it from. Look no further than Green Sea Agriculture’s design and build service. We have the ability to custom-make any of your ideas and change your outdoors into a unique landscape with elements that create a statement and radiate its individuality.

The first step of the process is when you get to meet our designing team. Whether you want to get a landscape design done or ask them to customize a gazebo, they will show you a few sample designs to pick from. The design is you choose is handed down to the build team if its construction or furniture or the landscaping team if it’s for landscapes. Consisting of experienced professionals, our teams utilize high quality materials to construct your idea.

For the past 20 years and counting, Green Sea Agriculture has been able to transform many homes with our unique ideas and innovative designs. All our processes are eco-friendly and ensure that all safety standards are being met. From building a driveway to installing a one-of-a-kind pergola, you will notice our high attention to detail, excellent workmanship and great customer service.

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