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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is done for many reasons including nocturnal aesthetic, recreational, safety, security, accessibility and event purposes. Also known as Garden lighting, this technique makes use of different types of lights and other illumination devices to achieve the desired effect. From public landscapes like parks to private yards and gardens all make use of lighting to make the surrounding appealing at night. There are many styles and possibilities from a cozy romantic look to a grand recreational feel, right lighting is the way to go. The deciding factors of the illumination style are the purpose, the desired mood, the location, etc. Without landscape lighting your outdoors can only be enjoyed until the evening hours. Add outdoor lighting and you automatically get space to entertain at night or just enjoy the night breeze and bring out zen-like qualities in your outdoor space. From Blue-tinted lights for a moonlit effect to ambient water lighting or illuminating garden paths, be prepared for a yard that has a whole lot of character.

Green Sea Agriculture’s landscape lighting service will help you lighten up your outdoor space. From choosing the right type of lights to laying down the wires, we take all the responsibility. The only thing you have to do is convey your ideas or requirements.

After a site visit, our lighting designers will identify the best spots to place the lighting and all other design-related details. The installation team will use lights produced by our sister company Light Tower Illuminations to brighten up your outdoor landscape. These will be installed in the necessary places to create a fully illuminated area. Garden Pathways will be lit with path lights, trees can be magically transformed with fairy lights, we make sure to deliver anything our client wants.

Green Sea Agriculture holds on to our environment friendly motto and execute all our tasks with the highest attention to detail. With our experience of more than 20 years in the landscaping industry we can guarantee that our services showcase excellent workmanship and high quality.

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