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Irrigation & Farming

Even if you have the most stunning lawn but lack an irrigation system, there will be a time when your lawn will be sporting more weeds and less the plants you want. To maintain the greenery in a landscape, irrigation is a step that should not be overlooked. Irrigation is the use of a system to sustain plants by automatically providing them with water within the desired time period. Many factors need to be considered for installing an effective irrigation system. Soil humidity, availability of water, frequency of water supply, soil type, size of site, vegetation or types of plants and local conditions are all important and need to be evaluated before irrigating the site. If you think that your garden or yard can survive without irrigation, think again! Irrigation is necessary as it facilitates the absorption of nutrients for the plants, helps loosening of soil and prevents plant from experiencing extreme frost or dry climate.

Green Sea agriculture has more than 20 years of experience in maintaining and installing irrigation systems. We assist our clients in achieving their desired outcome by providing them with the system that suits the requirement and also works in sync with the local environmental conditions. From irrigating farms to Commercial properties, school and homes, we are capable of doing the job perfectly.

First step of the process is a site visit. We will perform necessary tests like soil analysis, number of plants required, water availability, etc. We then tailor-make your system according to the site using the best of Engineering and Science to fulfill your requirements. Our systems are fail-proof, easy to operate, are designed within the budget and delivered on time. Our team will install and explain to you the operating techniques. We make sure to maintain our eco-friendly ethos throughout all processes. Whether it's just a sprinkler system for your turf or a watering system for your plantation, our expertise, attention to detail and workmanship will provide you with an exemplary solution that will not only help you add ‘green to life’ but also maintain it. Green Sea agriculture’s irrigation service also branches out to the supply of all types of organic manures and developing Technologies that assist in all types of farming. We are backed by a panel of international experts who extend their knowledge and ideas in all our projects. Our products are certified organic and is of highest quality.

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