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Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping is the term describing the softening of the landscape in a pleasant and organized manner. This aspect doesn’t make use of any constructional elements but utilizes nature’s decorative elements like shrubs, trees, flowers along with hanging baskets, container gardens, potted plants and so much more. Compared to its essential counterpart (hard landscaping), soft landscaping elements can be transformed without much of a hassle. Although, it might sound like an easily achievable task, it requires a lot of fore planning as certain plants take time to grow and exude the look we are aiming for.

From selecting the types of flowers to its arrangement in the flower beds and training vines to soften elements like pergolas or gazebos are all processes of soft landscaping. From installing turf to planting gigantic trees, creating an aquatic garden in the pond to lining the patio with flowering shrubs, the possibilities and combinations are numerous. Soft landscaping adds ‘green to life’ whether it's a single element or a group of complementary elements. With hard landscaping as the base, soft landscaping can make your space a place to enjoy and cherish the beauty of nature.

Whether you have hired us for your hard landscaping and want to add softscaping elements or just want to spruce up your already hardscaped space, Green Sea Agriculture will provide you with practical, innovative and appealing solutions. With 2 decades of experience, we can guarantee our excellent workmanship, high quality and attention to detail.

The first step is a site visit from our evaluation team. This is when you can explain your ideas, what flowers/trees you want and all the potential storing elements are noted. All this information is handed over to the designing team. Our creative designers will storm up some wonderful possibilities for you to choose from. After all has been finalised, our implementation will start work. Our planters and gardeners will do the needful soil work, etc to sustain the plants you want your garden to have. We offer our services to homes, schools, offices, community areas, residential and commercial properties.

Soft landscaping Include

Make use of Green Sea Agriculture's soft landscaping service to bring 'green to life' and enhance your life by enjoying nature and contributing to the environment. Our soft landscaping services include:

To utilize our expertise and innovative ideas to transform your space and embrace our 'green to life' motto, call or email us. We will visit the site and give you a quotation. See you soon.

Our soft landscaping service branches to supply of fresh or artificial flowers for any occasion or function.

All our arrangements or bouquets are designed according to our customer’s requirements and delivered to their preferred location. We supply fresh or artificial flowers for:

How it works

  1. Contact us with your requirements, flower arrangements, bouquets, etc.
  2. If it is a flower arrangement for an occasion, we will visit the site. If it is for a bouquet, you will have to provide the requirements (flower type, colors, delivery date, etc) via phone or email.
  3. We will create flower arrangements/bouquet according to your requirements with fresh flowers from our nursery or artificial flowers.
  4. The product will be delivered to your preferred location. In case of flower arrangements, we will also install them.

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