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General Maintenance

Maintenance is a crucial technique that keeps your outdoor landscape in a presentable, healthy, clean, safe and usable condition through activities like mowing, pruning, weed control, maintenance of Garden accessories, etc. Farms require fertilizers and manure to be given, replanting and so many other tasks to be carried out to be able to get the maximum expected yield. Green Sea Agriculture’s maintenance standards are in sync with those of the industry. We make sure to reuse all waste (dried leaves, broken twigs,etc) within the property. We try our best to maintain the eco-friendly attitude that we have integrated into all our work processes. We try to keep the use of pesticides to the minimum and make sure not to cause any environmental damage in the long run. Green Sea Agriculture has two types of maintenance packages; the routine maintenance and premium maintenance.

Green Sea Agriculture’s premium maintenance package is tailored to meet the specific needs of our client. Our maintenance team consisting of expert Garden designers and horticulturists make sure your outdoor landscape is given all the attention for it to flourish while keeping it attractive throughout the year. We also make sure that your outdoor space is always ready for you and your guests to enjoy.

Routine maintenance is suitable for clients who prefer their outdoor landscapes to be presentable at all times. In such situations, maintenance will be scheduled quite often. Once a week, every fortnight or once a month, the period will be scheduled according to the requirements of the client’s outdoor space.

Our maintenance service includes:

Our inspection team does an on-site visit where advice is given about preferable techniques and requirements are noted. Whichever package our client chooses, we will create a checklist for every service and also state the tasks we have to carry out. We can guarantee that our services are of the highest quality and keep in mind the satisfaction of our customers. Our 20-year experience in the industry is a proof of the excellent workmanship and high attention to detail that we display which has become a standard in landscaping.

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