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Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping or hardscaping is the backbone of an indoor garden or outdoor yard. It has the ability to set the tone and provides the desired structure. The surfaces and elements fulfill both functional as well as ornamental purposes and is a crucial factor to extract the best out of your space. Materials used in hardscaping are necessary to make the surrounding in harmony with the rest of the house and create the desired transition. The bones that make a landscape and the first design element one must consider to get the best out of your surrounding is hardscaping. From erecting pergolas to laying down paving, putting up fencing to creating a statement fountain, hardscaping provides a foundation for softscaping (like grass, flowers,etc) to really stand out. Hard Landscaping elements, if chosen properly, have the potential to be a feature in its own right.

Additionally, it also eliminates the worry factor and makes maintaining easy with elements like water diversion, drainage, etc while preventing erosion and other dreaded occurrences. In simple, good hard landscaping can make your space long-lasting and increase the value of your home.

Green Sea Agriculture pledges a high attention to detail, excellent quality, workmanship while executing all tasks with the highest standards set out by the industry. With 20 years of experience in the field, we have the expertise and the practice to transform your space to resemble that of your vision. The evaluation team will visit the site, inspect it and hand over the details to the designing team who will come up with some innovative options. If you have any ideas, convey it to our evaluation team. The sample designs will include designs that incorporate your requirements, the site you are renovating and the look you are aiming for. Once the final designs have been chosen, our implementation team will start with the construction. We make sure to maintain our environment-friendly ethic throughout all our procedures.

Green sea Agriculture can assist you with all your hardscaping requirements, including:


Block paving

Garden paths

Timber/brick edging

Garden retaining walls


Outdoor lighting

Garden seating

Outdoor dining


Garden walls

Fountains and water features


Garden fence



Raised beds

Patios or steps


We believe that our expertise, innovative ideas and neat execution will change your space into a wow factor that adds ‘green to life’.

Take things further. Call us or drop an email for a complimentary site visit and quotation. See you soon.

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